Select to Cook and Eat

​This is a selection of the recipes you can choose to cook. Of course, if you can not choose we are happy to select from the most popular Vietnamese dishes for you.

1/ Green mango salad with shrimp/ chicken.
2/ Green papaya salad with shrimp/chicken.
3/ Banana blossom salad with shrimp and pork.
4/ Chicken salad.
5/ Beef salad.
6/ Seafood salad.
​7/ Fried spring roll with pork and shrimp.
8/ Fresh spring roll with shrimp.
9/ Deep fried calamari/ shrimp/ chicken.
10/ Vietnamese rice pancake.
11/ Cao Lau (Hoi An special noodle)
12/ Mi Quang.
13/ Pho bo (Beef noodle soup).
14/ Pho ga (Chicken noodle soup).
15/ Rice vermicelli noodles with pork BBQ.
​16/ Pork cooked with coconut cream / ginger.
17/ BBQ pork rib.
18/ BBQ pork in bamboo chopticks.
​19/ Caramelised pork belly.
20/ Pork Curry.
21/ Bun cha Ha Noi ( pork belly and pork patties BBQ)
22/ Grill beef with lemongrass & chilli.
23/ Grill beef with sesame.
24/ Grill beef with lalot leaf.
25/ Beef in satay sauce.
​26/ Beef stir fry with lemongrass & chilli.
27/ Beef stir fry with vegetable and five spices
28/ Beef Curry.
29/ Squid stir fry with onion and celery.
30/ Squid stir fry with spicy sauce.
31/ Stuffed Squid.
​32/ Squid stir fry with lemon grass & chilli.

Learn the secrets of cooking mouth watering delicacies which will impress your friends when you return home.We offer a variety of dishes you can choose from and we will show you how to make the sauces with them. We begin with a trip to the local markets where we will show you various street foods, vegetables, herbs, spices, meat and seafood. We will buy the fresh ingredients needed for your cooking whilst teaching about them. On our return to my house, you will prepare your dishes selected under the guidance of our experienced chef. This will be followed by a delicious meal contains you will enjoy all of the food we have cooked together.We guarantee this will be fun and an experience you will not forget.

33/ Fish in clay pot.
34/ Fried fish with tomato sauce.
35/ Fried fish with fish sauce and ginger.
36/ Fish cook with green banana and turmeric.
37/ Fish stir fry with lemongrass& chilli.
38/ Fish stir fry with sweet and sour.
39/ Grill fish in banana leaf.
40/ Steam fish VN style.
41/ Shrimp with tamarind sauce.
42/ Shrimp stir fry with green bean.
43/ Shrimp stir fry with spicy sauce.
44/ Grill shrimp with lemongrass & chilli.
45/ Shrimp Curry.
46/ Fried chicken with fish sauce and ginger.
47/ Chicken stir fry with lemongrass& chilli.
48/ Chicken stir fry with sweet and sour.
49/ Chicken cooked with ginger.
50/ BBQ chicken in bamboo chopticks.

51/ Chicken Curry.

Vegetarian Food

52/ Fried vegetable spring roll.

53/ Fresh spring roll with vegetable.

54/ Papaya salad with peanut.

​55/ Mango salad with tofu.

56/ Tofu in tomato sauce.

57/ Tofu stir fry with lemongrass & chilli.

58/ Deep fry Tofu.

59/ Vegetable Curry.

60/ Deep fried eggplant.

61/ Eggplant in clay pot.

62/ BBQ Eggplant in spring onion oil.

63/ Crispy noodle stir fry with vegetables.
64/ Cao Lau stir fry with tofu and mushroom.

65/ Stir fried mixed vegeatables with cashew nuts.

66/ Vegetable fried rice.

67/ Vegetarian noodle soup.

68/ Vegetarian rice pancake.


Your Schedule

​*  Upon pick up you will travel to the local Hoi An fresh food markets with your host, Linh Nguyen. (pronounced Ling) Learn to choose ingredients for your choice of traditional vietnamese dishes to cook.

 *  From the markets, we board a minibus to my home, nestled between the beautiful Cua Dai beach and the Bon River.Here you will learn to prepare the ingredients and with the guidance of Linh, cook up some memorable flavours and tastes

​.*  After the lesson, you will have the pleasure of enjoying your group meal together. You will be returned back to your hotel with much more knowledge,experience and memories of cooking Vietnamese food with Golden Lotus Cooking School.