"Thankyou for your good wishes Linh, we have very happy memories of our holiday in Vietnam and your excellentRestaurant. Our travel company is now recommending your restaurant to other future Vietnam visitors. We hope you have great success in the future you deserve.

Anne, UK

"Thankyou Linh, we had a fantastic and very educational experience at your cooking class recently. I have cooked some yummy food back at home. My friends are actually planning a trip so that they can cook Vietnamese food with you.

Teresa Abernethy, Sydney, Australia


'"Thankyou for your generosity. I was very pleased to recommend friends to you and pleased that they went to visit you and to do your cooking class'

John,  Australia


Linh Nguyen

Linh has built an outstanding reputation for the highest quality food and service in Hoi An, after opening the Golden Lotus Restaurant in 2012. With excellent English, she is a perfect teacher for visitors to Vietnam. Born and bred in Hoi An, Linh will guide you through the market, introduce you to local stallholders as you can really enjoy the local atmosphere.

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